Case Study: Recover Thousands of Dollars in eCommerce Revenue

Case Study: Recover Thousands of Dollars in eCommerce Revenue

What happens when your customers can’t conveniently order from your store but have to place a call to make an order?

Shopify has a lot of amazing features but sometimes they miss a thing or two that your store needs to sell to a unique set of customers.

We helped TheHisPlace build one of such missing features in their store. This single fix helped:

  • Recover thousands of dollars in lost revenue,
  • Reduce customer dissatisfaction and churn,
  • Save lots of hours burnt in manual work.

Did you know that we also provide consulting services?

About TheHisPlace

TheHisPlace is a Shopify male fashion brand that sells suits (and suit accessories) of different sizes, designs, and styles for boys and men of all age groups.

Case study - How Zissu Global Helped TheHisPlace Recover Thousands of Dollars in Lost Revenue With a Single Tweak
They were losing thousands of dollars in sales and needed to stop it

Few months after becoming the manager of TheHisPlace, Esther Weissman discovered that a lot of their customers buy jackets and pants of different sizes.
For example, a customer may want to buy a size 10 jacket, but a size 11 pants. And they would love to do this on the same product page.

But this was not possible on their Shopify store because Shopify doesn’t give you the option to do that natively. So the customer had to buy the jacket on one product page and the pants on another product page.

This was making them lose money because customers were either abandoning their cart or buying the jacket without the pants. Or vice versa. Those who called to place the orders manually did so with frustration and dissatisfaction.

“It was a big issue, and our Shopify store was losing sales because of that. When the customers couldn’t buy it the way they wanted to,, some would call us up in frustration, demanding the options to be able to do that. So sometimes I had to manually put the order in from the backend myself. But this was taking up a lot of hours and was very inconvenient for me and my customers,” says Esther.

She goes further, “I needed my customers to be able to do this on the same page. That is instead of buying the jacket and the pants on different product pages, they can have it together on one page”

She realized she needed an option on her website that allows her customers to buy jackets and pants of different sizes on the same page. So instead of buying the jacket on one page and going to another page to buy the pant, they can do everything on one page, and checkout immediately.

“A lot of my customers buy separate sizes. So I needed them to both come up on one page so they can select different sizes for a jacket and pants and add them to their cart. All on the same page,” says Esther.

Early struggles- she tried to fix it by herself

“I tried to do it myself. I tried googling solutions to the problem but didn’t find anything useful. I downloaded an app that I thought would help me. But it didn’t. That was when I realized that this wasn’t in my league anymore. This is something only an experienced coder can help me do”, she says.

As a manager, she doesn’t have the coding skills to fix the problem. So she searched for coders on Storetasker (a platform that connects Shopify merchants with Shopify experts to meet their needs) to help her fix the problem.

“I was matched with some coders initially on Storetasker. But they were not really helpful. They gave some recommendations but they couldn’t really take the whole problem from me and solve it — which was what I needed,” she recalls.

This was getting frustrating for her by the day as she watched thousands of $ flush down the drain and frustrated customers calling to place orders.

“So I reached out to the admins at Storetasker to tell them I wasn’t really getting anywhere with the coders they’ve matched me with. So they matched me up with Chen Zissu. That was how I found Chen and the team at Zissu Ltd”.

A win-win for my business and customers

After being matched with Chen, she did some digging to ensure she wasn’t matched to someone who couldn’t provide what she needed.

“I read so many reviews about Chen before deciding to work with him. A lot of persons were happy with his work and how amazing his services are. No one had a bad thing to say about his services,” says Esther.

“When I explained my struggles and challenges to Chen, he said he had the perfect solution for the problem. And then took complete control of the project. He did some heavy coding- that may be too technical for me to explain- and came up with the perfect solution for the problem. We called it suit-separate,” she explained.

With the implementation of suit-separate,

  • Esther’s customers can now buy jackets and pants of different sizes on the same product page.
  • They don’t have to call her on the phone to place orders for jackets and pants of different sizes (back to the 21st century).
  • Esther now has more time to focus on other important tasks as a manager.
  • TheHisPlace recovered thousands of $ in sales.

Esther’s customers can now place their orders with a smile on their faces (everyone loves to buy with a click), she can sleep rest assured that her site is running smoothly and her customers can buy easily and conveniently.

Esther says, “Now my customers can buy separate sizes of jackets and pants on the same page, my site runs smoothly and we’re making more money”

“Since then Chen, and the team at Zissu Ltd, have been helping me do a lot of things. Whenever I have a problem that is too technical for me to fix I send it over to him,” she adds.

“I continue to work with him, and the team, because he was great at getting the job done. He takes his time to properly explain what he’s doing, and sometimes sends a video to explain the geeky coding stuff in a more human language so we’d both be on the same page,” Esther explained.

“He’s great at communication and super fast in delivering on tasks. This is something my time-sensitive business needs to thrive. A glitch on my site that prevents customers from ordering for only an hour can be disastrous for business,” says Esther.

“He’s very talented and I’m very happy working with him. I never want to be in a position where I wouldn’t have him to help me.”

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chen zissu

Chen Zissu

Chen is the Shopify expert with 7 years of experience in Shopify Development, brand design, website migration and conversion rate optimization. His brand designs participated in multiple competitions, and all the stores he built generated over $24.000.000 in sales. He’s passionate about building big eCommerce brands from scratch.

6 things to consider before hiring a Shopify expert (A Complete 2021 Guide)

6 things to consider before hiring a Shopify expert (A Complete 2021 Guide)

Do you want to hire the best Shopify expert to build your store and you’re wondering the best way to go about it?

This article is for you.

In this article, you’d learn step-by-step:

  • How to find the best Shopify agency/expert,
  • How to interview and hire the best Shopify agency/expert for your Shopify Store that will give you value for your money, save you time and give you the freedom to focus on marketing, sales, and expansion.

Let’s dive in.

Did you know that we also provide consulting services?

Before hiring a Shopify Expert
How do you set yourself up to hire the perfect Shopify expert and ensure your project is in the best hands? Before setting out to search for Shopify agencies to hire, you need to put two critical things in place.
  1. Your budget
  2. Your project requirement
How much are you setting aside to build your Shopify store? Are you sticking with standard Shopify plans or are you going for Shopify Plus? Your budget determines who you hire, and the features you integrate into your Shopify store. That’s not all. Here’s another question you need to answer. What do you want to build, what features do you want to integrate, and what experience do you want for your customers? Get this written down on paper. This is where you might get it wrong. You don’t need to have the complete details figured out. A general idea written on paper is a good start for any Shopify expert to expand and work with. You can take it one step further… HGet examples of online stores you’d love to imitate. Prepare to show this to the Shopify expert that will be working on your site. This will provide a visual sense of what you’re looking to build. After getting clear on your budget and requirement, you’re ready to start looking for agencies to hire. Where can you find Shopify Experts? Finding the perfect Shopify expert can cut deep into your time if you do not know where to look. In my experience, there are three areas you can explore.
  1. Shopify expert directory
  2. Referrals
  3. Online marketplaces
Let’s consider each of them. The Shopify Expert Directory The Shopify Expert Directory is Shopify’s list of vetted and trusted expert developers, designers, and marketers. These experts are either freelancers or agencies who have been handpicked and vetted by Shopify. You can filter through the hundreds of experts by location, industry, price, and language. Go through the lists of experts and create a list of experts you’d love to work with. This is the list you’d use in interviewing When going through the expert list, look out for reviews, testimonials, and the number of projects completed. The more positive review and completed jobs, the better. Keep an eye out for experts who have completed projects similar to what you want. shopify expert page-how-to-hire-the-perfect-shopify-expert Referrals Ask your fellow Shopify retailers to introduce you to Shopify agencies they’ve had success with. Check out their online profile and make a list of Shopify agencies you’d interview. You can also visit online forums, social media groups, and offline communities to get referrals. Make a list of these referrals to interview. Online marketplaces Visit online marketplaces like Upwork,, and Toptal for a list of Shopify experts to interview for your project. The major disadvantage of this medium is the lack of trust and validation. The Shopify experts directory or referrals however provide this. After gathering your list of Shopify experts it’s time to interview and select. What should you look out for in a Shopify expert or Shopify agency? 5 things to look out for in a Shopify Expert Here is a list of what to look out for when screening from your list of Shopify experts.
  • Testimonials: they should have numerous positive reviews from happy customers. If you can, reach out to the clients giving the testimonials to gather more information.
  • Expertise in your industry: go for agencies that have registered authority in your industry. For example, as a fashion brand, hiring a Shopify agency in the fashion brand is the best move since they already have expertise in that industry.
  • Portfolio: your candidates must have a list of completed and live projects you can check out. When checking out projects, check for mobile-friendliness, speed, and compliance with international laws.
  • Experts in migration: especially if you’re trying to migrate from one eCommerce platform to another. You’d need a Shopify agency that understands the nuances of migration and how to overcome all the hurdles that it presents.
  • Shopify Plus experts: as your business grows, you may want to go big with Shopify Plus. So starting off with a Shopify agency that has experience in Shopify Plus is a great way to ensure you don’t scramble for a new Shopify agency to work with once you want to upgrade.
Selecting and interviewing Shopify experts Schedule a video interview with your candidates. The goal of the interview is to explain your project to them and to know if they are a perfect fit for your needs. Here’s a list of questions you can ask during the interview.
  • What’s your experience in e-commerce development projects?
  • What software do you generally use to set up an eCommerce store?
  • Will there be a mobile website for my store?
  • Do you have expertise with international laws and standards?
  • How would you make my store different?
  • Do you offer site maintenance and will this factor into your pricing?
  • What is your pricing?
After going through the interviews, evaluate their responses and choose the one that meets your requirement and budget. Note: Go for agencies that know how to work without much supervision. This does not only let you tap into their creativity but give you space to focus on other areas of your business. Knowing full well that your store is in great hands. How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert? It depends. On what? On the scope of your project, the complexities of the functionalities you’re trying to build, and the expert you’re reaching out to. Typically, a Shopify agency building and setting up your Shopify store will estimate your pricing based on the features and functionalities, the time it will take and the tools needed, maintenance costs, and whether you’re requesting a custom design or working with a template? Do you need extra services like SEO, copywriting, custom integrations, data import, and graphic design, etc? That will also be factored in. But generally speaking, small projects usually go for about $3000 to $5000. On the medium scale, you’d be looking at spending about $10,000. But for large projects, expect to pay between $10000 to $100000. Expert tips for executing your projects After choosing the agent to work with, it’s time to get to work. Here are 3 expert tips to help ensure a successful project.
  • Encourage and enable communication: ensure you and your Shopify expert are in constant communication. Stay updated with work progress and provide all that is needed.
  • Payment: decide on a mutual payment plan. A very good one is a milestone payment basis. Ensure work is satisfactorily done before you release the payment. 
  • Encourage your Shopify agency to take the lead and be creative. This will help tap into their expertise and free up enough time for you.
Conclusion There you have it. I believe by now you have all you need to hire the perfect Shopify Expert for your business. Hiring is difficult, but when you follow proven steps, you reduce the risks and increase your chances of getting the best hands working for you. If you need a team of Shopify Experts to work on your Shopify store, we’d be ready to serve. Zissu global is a Shopify expert with deep experience in helping businesses set up stores in Shopify and Shopify Plus. We have a large portfolio of successful projects and a truckload of happy customers. Check out our Shopify expert pageand Contact us today.
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chen zissu

Chen Zissu

Chen is the Shopify expert with 7 years of experience in Shopify Development, brand design, website migration and conversion rate optimization. His brand designs participated in multiple competitions, and all the stores he built generated over $24.000.000 in sales. He’s passionate about building big eCommerce brands from scratch.

Shopify vs Shopify Plus 2021(8 Key Differences You Must Know)

Shopify vs Shopify Plus 2021(8 Key Differences You Must Know)

Are you trying to decide between Shopify vs Shopify Plus? 

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about the features and benefits of Shopify Plus from online communities or fellow eCommerce retailers.

But you don’t know the core differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus, which is better for your business and whether migrating will be a smart move. Chances are that you’ve read tons of articles on Shopify Plus features and benefits but you need more to guide you. This article is for you.

Did you know that we also provide consulting services?

What You’d Get From This Article

Zissu LTD has helped merchants (like you)build profitable Shopify stores on standard Shopify and Shopify Plus.  In this article,  

  • I’ll share a detailed Shopify vs Shopify Plus breakdown,
  • Help you choose which plan is best for you, and  
  • Show you how to migrate to Shopify Plus if you finally decide to do so. 

That’s not all. I took it a step further to present Shopify vs Shopify Plus in a simple table. So that you can download, print, and share it with others. Before we dive in, let’s get some facts straight.

Did you know that we also provide consulting services?

Yes! Shopify and Shopify Plus work the same way.
For example, they both let you

  • Set up online stores without much coding experience,
  • Display your products,
  • Receive and fulfill orders,
  • Sell to different channels,
  • Collect payments,
  • View store analytics, and
  • Manage your store from a dashboard.

But here’s where Shopify and Shopify Plus part ways. Shopify Plus has all the features of standard Shopify and a ton of more features.
You’ll get to know them in this article.
Note: in this article, standard Shopify refers to the Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans.
Let’s dive in.

Traffic and order handling capacity (Shopify vs Shopify Plus)

What is your number one goal as a Shopify retailer? This one is a no-brainer. It is certainly to make more sales. Right? And to make more sales you need to push traffic to your Shopify store. How much traffic can your store hold before going down? 

Standard Shopify traffic and order handling capacity

Standard Shopify plans can’t withstand serious traffic and high volume simultaneous orders. Expect your store to crash after a few thousand simultaneous hits.

If this happens on a Black Friday, during a flash sale, or product launch, you’d watch thousands of $ go down the drain. Take the story of Gymshark for example, their 2017 Black Friday crash made them lose over $143,000 in sales.

Shopify Plus traffic and order handling capacity

Shopify Plus is built to handle serious traffic. Your Shopify Plus store can

  • handle over 4 million hits per second and
  • up to 10,000 orders per minute.

This is a product of the backend infrastructure on which Shopify Plus is built. After their store crash, Gymshark migrated to Shopify Plus and recorded amazing results the following year. Some of which include

  • 9.3X ROI on a Black Friday social media campaign
  • 197% overall increase in holiday revenue
  • $128 million in FY 2018 revenue

shopify plus can handle up to 4 million hits per second and 10000 orders per minute- shopify vs shopify plus

Customization and Control

How much control do you want over the experience of your customers? Complete control. Right? You want to be able to modify every part of your store to provide the best experience for your customers. How much control does Shopify vs Shopify Plus provide?

Customization and control on Shopify standard plans

With Shopify standard plans, you can customize your Shopify theme via the editor. As well as tweak a few features such as colors, the position of elements, etc. You can not customize your checkout page experience or make very important modifications to your store’s look and feel. etc. 

Changing your Shopify theme can break your store. Also, you may end up distorting your search ranking (SEO) and reverting the HTML and CSS changes you made to the previous theme.

How much control does Shopify Plus provide?

Shopify Plus grants you access to Liquid; Shopify’s theme language. This gives you code-level customization capabilities and control over your store. This means you have complete control over the look and feel of your store. For example, you can personalize your store checkout page to provide different experiences for different purchase volumes, etc. Compare the checkout page for standard Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Standard Shopify checkout page

 screenshot of the checkout page for menfashion’s online store- Shopify Plus benefits- shopify vs shopify plus


Shopify Plus checkout page

Screenshot of a Shopify Plus checkout page - Shopify Plus benefits- shopify vs shopify plus


Support and customer success

What happens when you get stuck setting up or running your Shopify store? How much support do Shopify standard plans provide vs Shopify Plus?

Shopify standard plans support

For Shopify standard plans, you have access to support via phone, email, and live chat. But if things really go south, you’re referred to a Shopify Expert for help.

In addition, you can also get answers and help via Shopify’s guide, YouTube channel, forums, and other online communities.

Shopify Plus customer support

When you migrate to Shopify Plus a dedicated launch manager is assigned to you. Your launch manager holds your hand and takes you through your entire store setup and migration. Your launch manager will help you with setting up your store, integrated third-party tools, and even go as far as writing lines of code. All at no extra charges.

There’s more. Shopify Plus also has a merchant success program that is designed to help you grow fast.

Number of Storefronts And Access To The Global Market

How many stores can you have on one Shopify account?

Number of stores on a Shopify standard account

You can’t have more than one store on a Shopify standard account. If you want to run multiple storefronts you need to open different accounts for each store.

Shopify Plus provides 10 storefronts in one account

Your Shopify Plus account comes with a default store and ten extra storefronts. Each of these stores is controlled from one place, one account, and one dashboard.

That’s not all. Shopify Plus also lets you sell to different countries, languages, and currencies from one account. Your main store can be duplicated and customized to target different countries.

standard shopify offers one store per account. shopify plus offers eleven stores per account- shopify vs shopify plus

Collaboration and staff accounts

How many of your team members have direct access to your Shopify store?

You’d agree with me on this. To get tasks completed on time, your team members need to be able to work directly in your store. They also need to be able to work from anywhere without having to converge in a physical location. Especially during a pandemic like COVID-19.

How many staff accounts can you add in Shopify vs Shopify Plus?

Shopify standard plans have limited staff accounts

On the standard Shopify plan, the maximum number of staff accounts is 15.

Shopify Plus provides unlimited staff accounts

On Shopify Plus, if you have a hundred persons in your team, you can add all of them. Shopify Plus offers unlimited staff accounts. This means you can grow your team as much as you want and have everyone connected to your Shopify store to get things done fast. Each team member has permission levels, and you can monitor their activities and the changes they make to your store.

This enables effective collaboration and accelerated growth.

standard shopify offers a maximum of 15 staff accounts. shopify plus offers unlimited staff accounts- shopify vs shopify plus

Selling wholesale on Shopify vs Shopify Plus

How do you fulfill bulk orders? Back-and-forth emails? This is not scalable. Especially if you’re a fast-growing brand with other eCommerce retailers buying in bulk from you.

Standard Shopify doesn’t provide a wholesale feature

Standard Shopify does not offer any special wholesale capabilities. You will need a different store/account or resort to back-and-forth emails.

Shopify Plus provides a dedicated (but integrated) wholesale channel

Shopify Plus offers built-in wholesale functionality. You can easily convert one of the extra 9 storefronts to a wholesale channel for your products. Bulk buyers can log in to your wholesale store and make purchases. This means you can offer the same product to retail and wholesale buyers. Letting you offer exclusive prices to wholesale buyers. All managed on the same platform.

 shopify plus provides a dedicated wholesale feature- shopify vs shopify plus

Automation and API integration

Automation and third-party integrations are at the center of selling online. How much automation and API integration functionalities does Shopify provide vs Shopify Plus?

Not much for Shopify standard plans

Shopify provides basic API integrations and is accessible only to a few apps.

Shopify Plus offers a world of integrations and automation tools

Shopify Plus gives you access to advanced API (even beta APIs) that cannot be accessed with standard Shopify. For example, on Shopify Plus you have access to GiftCard, User, and Multipass APIs. Shopify Plus also lets you seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms such as

  • Product information management (PIM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Inventory and order management (IMS and OMS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Warehouse management software (WMS)
  • Global fulfillment partner

That’s not all… Shopify Plus comes with three powerful automation tools.

  • Shopify Flow
  • Launchpad
  • Shopify Script

Shopify Flow lets you automate repetitive tasks. Such as setting a discount for a given purchase volume, flag or cancel high-risk orders, segment/tag customers, hide, pause, and republish products at certain times or conditions, etc.

This frees up hundreds of hours to spend on tasks that directly affect growth.

Launchpad lets you run smooth and successful product launches and flash sales. Without the hassles and errors that can lead to the loss of $$ in sales. Launchpad lets you automate and plan flash sales and product launches way ahead of time. Launchpad lets you schedule prices, open and close your store, hide or show products, etc. All upfront. All automated.

The Script editor helps you customize different aspects of your store such as your checkout point etc. And carry out bulk actions on your Shopify store. For example, changing prices across your store, creating discounts across different products, change shipping options based on customer tags, the content of a cart, or order value. And more.

How much does Shopify vs Shopify Plus cost?

Standard Shopify plans are fixed

Standard Shopify plans are fixed. They include

  • Basic Shopify ($29/mo)
  • Shopify ($79/mo)
  • Advanced Shopify ($299/mo)

To get more features you have to move to a higher plan.

To purchase one of Shopify’s standard plans, visit Shopify’s pricing page.

a screenshot of Shopify pricing- shopify vs shopify plus

Shopify Plus pricing is dynamic (and pays for itself)

Shopify Plus plan is flexible. It starts at a $2000 licensing fee and increases as you complete more sales on the platform. That is the plan pays for itself.

Shopify Plus plan starts from $2000 per month to $40,000 per month. It starts to increase from $2000 after you hit $800,000 in monthly sales. And up to a cap of $40,000 for $16 million monthly sales- for all the features of Shopify Plus.

Note that the monthly license fee is paid upfront for at least 12 months. For all features on all 11 storefronts on your account.

To migrate to Shopify Plus, you have to contact their team.

Which is best for you? Shopify vs Shopify Plus

Standard Shopify plans work for small and medium-scale businesses. Shopify Plus is ideal for fast-growing businesses doing seven figures and more yearly.

Shopify is designed for small and medium-scale businesses that are doing at most six figures per year. If you’re in this category, you can stick with Shopify’s basic plans.

This will help you decide. If you’re just starting out with a low budget, go with one of the 3 standard Shopify Plans. But if you have the budget, or fall into one of the below buckets, you should consider Shopify Plus,

  • You’re hitting at $85,000 and above monthly
  • Your team and product line is growing very fast
  • You want to expand to the global market conveniently
  • You want to sell wholesale
  • You’re planning a product launch or flash sale that will attract thousands and millions of hits and orders.

Putting everything together

a table comparing shopify vs shopify plus


There you have it, a detailed Shopify vs Shopify plus breakdown.

Succeeding as an eCommerce seller requires an efficient combination of tools and people. Shopify has the tools part covered.

Which plan would you be going with?

Have you decided to migrate to Shopify Plus?

You can contact their team, purchase the plan, and get started with setting up your store on Shopify Plus by yourself, and with the help of the Launch manager or you can take the faster route. Hire a Shopify Agency to help you handle everything so you can focus on what only you can do; marketing, sales, and fulfillment.

As a Shopify Expert, Zissu Globals has helped 7-figure businesses set up their stores on Shopify Plus. We have the team and the experience, let us help you. Let’s discuss your project.

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chen zissu

Chen Zissu

Chen is the Shopify expert with 7 years of experience in Shopify Development, brand design, website migration and conversion rate optimization. His brand designs participated in multiple competitions, and all the stores he built generated over $24.000.000 in sales. He’s passionate about building big eCommerce brands from scratch.

What is Shopify Plus (A Complete Guide + 10 Powerful Features)

What is Shopify Plus (A Complete Guide + 10 Powerful Features)

Have you been wondering if migrating to Shopify Plus is the right investment for your business? Do you want to launch a new online store and you’re looking for the best platform to use?

Perhaps you do not think Shopify plus would make a difference, because you’re already doing great sales figures with Shopify’s standard plan or other e-commerce platforms. Chances are that you’ve read tons of articles on Shopify Plus features and benefits but you need more to guide you. This article is for you.

What to expect from this Shopify Plus Guide

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Shopify Plus.  This includes 

  • Shopify Plus features,
  • How Shopify Plus can help you sell more and scale to multiple six and seven figures, 
  • Shopify Plus pricing 

Here’s the interesting part, I took it a step further. I shared screenshots and stats to give you a deeper understanding of the platform. After reading this article you’d know all you need to join brands like Gymshark and 7000+ sellers doing six figures monthly on Shopify Plus.

Did you know that we also provide consulting services?

Zissu global is a full-service Shopify Plus agency. We help retailers in the fashion, beauty, jewelry, and decoration industry build Shopify stores. We want to help you convert your traffic to sales and return customers.

logos of Gymshark, Budweiser, Kylie Cosmetics and Heinz on a white background- what is Shopify Plus

Table of content

  • What is Shopify Plus (Definition)
  • Why Shopify Plus (Shopify Plus features and benefits)
  • Shopify Plus Pricing
  • When Should you migrate to Shopify Plus?
  • How to migrate to Shopify Plus
  • Conclusion

What is Shopify Plus?

Think of all the good stuff from Shopify standard plans, then add a ton of more amazing features. That is Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus is Shopify’s hosted enterprise eCommerce platform for rapidly growing online retailers.

What does this mean?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s retail solution for large online retailers who want to sell more without the technical hassles that come with it. Here’s the catch for Shopify Plus users.

  • 100% customization and control
  • 99.99% server uptime 
  • Over 200 TB storage
  • More robust marketing and process automation
  • Improved multichannel and omnichannel functions
  • Very fast store speed.
  • Dedicated customer support

This video from Shopify provides an amazing summary.

What are the benefits of Shopify Plus?

What does your business stand to gain (or lose) with or without Shopify Plus?

The answer?

In this section, I’d show you 10 powerful Shopify Plus features that will help you grow and sell more with less effort. 

a list of ten benefits of Shopify Plus- what are the benefits of Shopify Plus

  1. Shopify Plus can handle extremely high traffic

Imagine your eCommerce store crashing in the middle of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, Flash sales, or product launch. You’d agree that would be a total nightmare for your company. 

Take Gymshark’s story for example. In 2017 GymShark’s online store crashed at the beginning of their Black Friday Sales. This made them lose over $143,000 in sales with loads of unhappy customers, threatening to give up on them.

They migrated to Shopify Plus after this and recorded amazing results the following year.

  • 9.3X ROI on a Black Friday social media campaign
  • 197% overall increase in holiday revenue
  • $128 million in FY 2018 revenue


So what made the difference with Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is built to handle millions of hits per second and thousands of orders per minute. Without crashing or slowing down. Here’s Shopify’s big secret:

  • Shopify Plus is hosted on high-performing servers at Rackspace (a leading cloud hosting provider on the planet). 
  • Shopify Plus uses dual CDN with Fastly, one of the most efficient CDN services, and Akamai’s CDN (as redundancy).
  • Shopify Plus also provides you with 200TB of storage space.

Shopify Plus stores are designed to handle over 4 million hits per second and 10,000+ orders per minute without a glitch, crashing, or slowing down.

shopify plus can handle over 4 million hits per second and 10,000+ orders per minute- benefits of Shopify Plus

Here’s more. Big brands using Shopify Plus report record-breaking functionalities. For example, 

  • 200,000+ people simultaneously flooded the Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store during a New York pop-up event.
  • Death Wish Coffee taking $2,083 a minute after their Super Bowl commercial aired.

What does this mean for your business?

The resilience and reliability of Shopify Plus to extremely high traffic and checkouts means 

  •  More time and freedom for you and your team to focus on bringing in as much traffic as you can, and selling as much as you want, as fast as you want. 
  • Technical and server downtime headache due to the increase in traffic is over. 
  • Your dev team can now focus on building more functionalities to increase your sales. Instead of chasing bugs around the office.
  • More money, more satisfied customers, happy staff, and team members. 

The best part is no other eCommerce platform can boast of this. This is only available on Shopify Plus.

  2. Shopify Plus store owners have full store customization

Do you wish you could do more than carrying out basic edits on your theme?

Do you wish you could give your customers a unique experience on your checkout page?

As a Shopify Plus retailer, you have access to Liquid; Shopify’s theme language. This gives you greater control over how your store looks and the experience you want for your customers. 

Let me explain how this works. For example, you can customize your checkout page to include more features to

  • Personalize your Shopify store checkout with custom discounts, shipping rates, and product recommendations
  • Help your customers check out faster 
  • Ensure them of a secure checkout.

And more. All by updating your checkout.scs.liquid file. And on top of that, your checkout page URL remains in your domain, not

Compare these two checkout pages. The first is on Shopify while the second is on Shopify Plus.

screenshot of the checkout page for menfashion’s online store- Shopify Plus benefits


You must be thinking, “that’s not so bad”. Now, look at this customized checkout page on a Shopify Plus store.

Screenshot of a Shopify Plus checkout page - Shopify Plus benefits


Amazing, isn’t it. This is definitely something you’d like for your business. As a growing brand, this level of control means you can give your customers the experience they need to buy more from you. Especially for brands in the fashion and beauty industry, this flexibility and control is a game-changer.

In the words of Ben Francis, the Founder of Gymshark

“The great thing about Shopify Plus is the fact we fundamentally trust the platform and can do what we want almost immediately and be confident it’s going to work. We’ve set the standard and continue on our journey towards being the greatest fitness brand in the world.”

Here’s the interesting part, this is only possible on Shopify Plus.

  1. Shopify Plus opens the gateway to the Global/new market

How do you sell the same product to customers in different countries speaking different languages?

Let me guess. You probably build separate stores for each country from scratch.

With Shopify Plus, selling to various countries with languages has been reduced to a few steps. Let me walk you through.

Your Shopify Plus account comes with a default storefront and additional 10 stores. You can customize each storefront for different countries, currencies, and languages.  By simply cloning the first store and changing the currency and language.

What does this ease mean for your business?

  • You do not have to build new stores from scratch any time you want to enter a new market.
  • Thousands of $ and hundreds of hours saved in creating new stores and reuploading your products. 

That’s not all.

Each store has its separate backend control. For each store, you can edit orders, content, finance, etc, separately. All from one place. All your stores’ analytics, staff account, user permission, and automation tools are managed from a single dashboard.

But wait, there’s more. You can serve the appropriate store to your customers based on their location. Giving your customers a personalized experience.

For example, Gymshark has a dedicated storefront for the USA, Canada, the UK, and France. And over 10 other different languages they sell to. Customers from these countries are automatically directed to the appropriate store.

Gymshark in Canada.

Gymsharks customized page for Canadians- Shopify Plus benefits


Gymshark in the USA

Gymsharks customized page for Americans Shopify Plus benefits


Gymshark in France

Gymsharks customized page for France- Shopify Plus benefits


This buy-anywhere experience is only available on Shopify Plus.

  1. Shopify Plus provides sophisticated automation to help you do more with less

Imagine being able to set up workflows of any type to run on autopilot.

For a fast-growing online store, there is only so much you can do manually. Shopify Plus provides three powerful automation tools to help you run your business. Even while sleeping.

They include:

  • Shopify Flow,
  • Launchpad,
  • Shopify Script.

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow lets you set up automation workflows for low-level repetitive tasks that you usually assign to a team member. Automating these tasks frees up hundreds of hours for your team. This means more time to focus on tasks that affect growth, such as branding and marketing.  

creenshot of Shopify Flow- Shopify Plus features

With Shopify Flow, you can

  • Flag or cancel high-risk orders,
  • Set up follow up emails after chargeback or abandoned cart of a certain volume,
  • Set discount for a given purchase volume, 
  • Automate inventory management and ordering at different trigger thresholds, 
  • Hide, pause, and republish products in your store at a certain time or conditions (e.g when out of stock),
  • Segment and tag customers.

And more… All without any coding skill.


Launchpad is Shopify’s solution for smooth and automated Flash sales and product launch. 

Launchpad lets you schedule tasks and automate your product launch and flash sales workflow ahead of time. This prevents errors or mistakes that might cost you thousands of $ in sales.

Screenshot of Shopify Launchpad- Shopify Plus features

With Launchpad, you can

  • Set up events and changes for the beginning and end of your sales or launch.
  • Close your store for a specified period of time or by a trigger.
  • Secure your store against bots with Captcha integration.
  • Automate product visibility and inventory.
  • Schedule pricing. 
  • Control inventory levels. 
  • Customize themes etc.

Screenshot of Shopify Launchpad- Shopify Plus features

This frees up your team to focus on pushing more traffic to your site. Instead of trying to keep your store up at every point or adjusting your inventory.

Screenshot of Shopify Script Editor-Shopify Plus features

Shopify Script allows you to carry out bulk actions on your Shopify store. These actions could include:

  • Changing prices across your store
  • Creating discounts across different product categories 
  • Organizing product inventory across your stores
  • Creating customized checkout options etc

 Screenshot of Shopify Script- Shopify Plus features

Also, Shopify Plus also comes with Shopify Pay. With Shopify Pay, checking out is in matters of seconds for your customers.

Here’s the bottom line. Shopify Plus provides a world of automation and flexibility to help you manage your shop without manual labor or lifting. 

The benefits?

Instead of spending time whining away on low-level and repetitive tasks. Your team will be free to focus on tasks that get you more sales and provide a great experience for your customers.

  1. Sell more with Shopify Plus Wholesale 

If you have been searching for an effective way to sell to B2B clients, without the hassles of the back and forth emails. Shopify wholesale has got you covered.

From the extra 10 storefronts you have on your account, you can build a dedicated wholesale portal.

This wholesale portal helps you control price tiering, offer special discounts for specific volume purchases and specific customers, control inventory, accounting, and more…

creating a store in Shopify Plus- Shopify Plus features

Your B2B customers can easily log in to your Shopify Wholesale portal and make their purchases. For example, see Death Wish Coffee’s wholesale portal

Death wish wholesale store landing page- Shopify Plus features

Shopify Plus integrates B2B and B2C in one platform and in one account. Now you can increase your sales through wholesales without all the hassles attached to it.

  1. Advanced multi-channel capabilities to help you meet your customers where they are

Shopify Plus helps you sell on over 20 different channels, all controlled by the same backend.

Shopify Plus removes the difficulties Shopify retailers face in their multichannel marketing efforts. Shopify Plus helps you sell to your customers wherever they are or like to buy. Over 20 different channels, all watched and controlled from one place. 

With this, you can optimize and harmonize inventory control, update products, streamline orders and fulfillment, and measure channel effectiveness. It gets better…

Shopify POS lets you sell in physical stores and booths. Everything seamlessly integrated with your online store. 

Let me tell you what this means. Shopify Plus is connecting online sales with traditional offsite sales. Bringing the best of the two worlds under one control.

GymSharks sell offline using Shopify POS to link transactions and activities.

This is only available on Shopify Plus.

  1. Shopify Plus lets you do more with advanced APIs and script access.

Shopify Plus provides a lot of API access that other Shopify Plans do not. Such as discount APIs, gift card API (to create and manage your store gift cards).

  1. Shopify Plus integrates with Avalara tax

Selling to different countries and regions, (the EU, Brexit, etc) you want to make sure you’re always on the right side with tax requirements.

Avalara is a Shopify Plus integration that helps you ensure you’re charging customers the right tax rates.

Avalara is a third party tax company integrated with Shopify. The integration does real-time tax calculation for over 14,000 US tax requirements. 

  1. Better support and help for Shopify Merchants + a dedicated success manager

To help you grow and scale, Shopify Plus has a merchant success program. 

The success program involves a large team of customer support staff to help you. You also get a dedicated Shopify Launch engineer. The Launch engineer will assist you in setting up your store especially when migrating from another eCommerce platform.

There are 5 areas of the program, and as a Shopify Plus merchant, you’re automatically enrolled in the program. They include

  • Shopify Plus Academy
  • Merchant growth model
  • Platform and ecosystem
  • Plus community
  • Specialized support
  1. Unlimited collaboration with your team members

How do you manage a large team of developers, content writers, accountants, marketers, etc, all working on your store?

Let me guess… You all share the same passwords.

Say goodbye to that with Shopify Plus.

On your Shopify Plus account, you can add as many people to your team as possible.

Here’s the interesting part. Each team member can have different roles (such as content editor, accountant, developers, SEO experts, ads expert, etc). Also, you can give them different levels of access to your store.

adding and managing users on Shopify Plus- Shopify Plus Benefits

What does this mean for your business?

  • Your team can work truly remotely and from home (very vital during COVID-19),
  • Work gets done faster and seamlessly
  • You get to easily track their changes in your store.

This is available only on Shopify Plus.

There you have it. All you’ll be missing out on if you do not migrate to Shopify Plus.

I can almost hear you thinking…How much is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus does not have a fixed plan.

How much you pay is based on your Shopify store traffic and sales volume. That is why on their website you’re asked to contact their sales team to get a quote.

But to get you started on what to expect, here is Shopify pricing explained.

Pricing for Shopify can change every month based on your usage and sales volume.

Breakdown of Shopify Plus Pricing

Licensing Fee

Starts from $2000/month to $40,000/month. It starts to increase from $2000 after you hit $800,000 in monthly sales. And up to a cap of $40,000 for $16 million monthly sales.

Here is an important thing to note. The monthly license fee is usually paid for at least 12 months upfront. This license fee covers all 11 storefronts that you’d have on one account.

Store build cost

You can use a predesigned Shopify Plus template and pay $0 in building a Shopify Plus store. But if you want something unique that aligns with your branding (like most big brands) you may want to build from scratch.

Based on the Shopify Plus agency you contact. Expect to pay anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000 and beyond. The price is determined by factors like the number of storefronts you want, third party integrations, etc.

Shopify additional app fees

In addition to all the features of Shopify Plus, you may want to power your operations with third-party apps. The more apps you add, the more you pay monthly. Generally expect to pay between $200- $1000 per month on apps.

Maintenance fee

Factored into your License fee.

Now, let’s attempt to put everything together for your first year on Shopify Plus.

Assuming you do 10,000 orders, pay month at $60 per order.

Total monthly sales 10,000 x $60= $600,000

License fee: $2000

Store build cost: 30,000

Transaction fees: using Shopify pay 13,100

App cost: $200

Total: $45,100 for your first month

And $15,100 every other month

table showing Shopify Plus pricing- migrating to Shopify Plus

You’d agree with me that for sales volume of this size, migrating to Shopify Plus is a profitable investment.

Note: this is not the official pricing for Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus price changes with time. To get a hang of how much you should budget for your new Shopify Plus store, contact a Shopify Plus agency. A Shopify Plus agency can evaluate your business and determine how much migrating to Shopify Plus will cost you.

Now, this is important…

Shopify Plus is not for everyone. Shopify Plus is for online merchants who are growing fast and need a more reliable system to run their store so that they can focus on growth and sales.

How would you know if Shopify plus is for you, and when?

When should you migrate to Shopify Plus?

As I said, Shopify plus is for fast-growing merchants who need systems to handle their increasing traffic and sales.

But you must be wondering what you should look out for to know if you should migrate to Shopify Plus.

Here are 4 signals you should start packing your bags and moving to Shopify Plus or risk losing a lot of money to server issues, slow website, and lost sales.

  • You’re hitting at least $85,000 in monthly revenue and you expect it to increase.

  • Your team and product line is growing very fast and you expect it to keep growing.

  • You want to expand to the global market and sell to different countries conveniently

  • You (or want to) sell wholesale.

  • You’re planning a product launch or flash sale that will attract thousands and millions of hits and orders.

Now, to the big question, how do you migrate to Shopify Plus?

Migrating to Shopify Plusman carrying boxes to a cart-migrating to Shopify Plus

Shopify encourages you to reach out to them to get an evaluation for your business and a quote.

You can follow this route and use a Theme to get your store running.

But, you can also choose to hire a Shopify Plus Expert to help you handle everything about your store set up. So that you can focus on product development, marketing, and sales.


There you have it.

Everything you need to know about Shopify Plus.

I believe by now you already know how Shopify Plus will change the game for your eCommerce sales.

Let us know if you have any questions about Shopify plus or anything about Shopify. And we’d be glad to help you out.

Zissu global is a Shopify expert agency certified by Shopify. We help growing businesses set up and manage their Shopify stores to help them focus on sales. Contact us.

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